March 15th Indoor Match, Swap Meet, and Pot Luck

This Illowa Irregulars March 15th event has something for everybody. It is a combination of Indoor Shoot, Swap Meet, and Pot Luck.

The Indoor Shoot is a 60-round affair with our rifle and pistols – no shotgun. We do not draw from leather. Instead we start from the low ready position (gun in hand, muzzle on the table).   The targets are paper plates and NRA B27-R target attached to cardboard. You can shoot through as many times as you want or as many times as time permits (we will start shooting at 10:00 am and usually go until about 3:00 pm if there are still shooters wanting to shoot).  The cost is $5 for the first time through and $3 for any reshoots.

The Swap Meet is the chance to trade the stuff (guns, gear, and clothes) you no longer “need” and buy different guns, gear, and clothes that you now can’t live without. There are tables available to display wares you may have. The tables are first come, first served. You should be there by no later than 8:00 am if you want to grab a table because they go quickly.

We will also be having a Pot Luck that day so, if you are so inclined, bring out your favorite dish to share with everyone.  There is electricity for plugging in crock pots and there is a microwave that can be used to heat things up.  If you can’t bring a dish but would like to eat, there will be a bucket for donations (all of which will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital).  But please bring something if you can as we need to have enough food to feed everybody. We will have plates, silverware, and napkins. Coffee will be provided. Smilin D is the Pot Luck coordinator. Contact her at (309) 236-8944 or if you have questions.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday, March 15th.

Justice James Newton / Mountain Man Champ
Co-Chairpersons, Illowa Irregulars