Covid-19 Protocols and Waiver

We’re proud to announce that Illowa Irregulars will be resuming our 2020 Cowboy Action Shooting season on Sunday, July 19, 2020 – our first summer match of the year. As usual, registration starts at 8:00 am, shooter’s meeting at 9:15am, with shooting starting thereafter.  There will be lunch available for purchase on the range. We are planning to hold a 5 stage Wild Bunch match following Saturday, July 25, 2020. Check our schedule for more information as we get closer.

To ensure the safety of our guests, we are implementing some Covid-19 related protocols, mostly as they relate to distancing, mask, and sanitary guidelines, and are requiring participants to sign a COVID-19 waiver form.

The most important consideration is to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering when distancing is not possible. Shooters will NOT be required to wear a mask/face covering when shooting.  However, the TO will be required to wear a mask/face covering.

For the most up to date information and obtain the waiver form click on the following links:

Covid-19 Match Protocols

Covid-19 Waiver Form

Thanks much and hope to see you all on Sunday July 19th.

Justice James Newton / Mountain Man Champ
Co-Chairpersons, Illowa Irregulars