Posse Survey Results

We undertook a survey a few weeks ago to see if there was any interest in having an All-mask Posse option at Fall Round-up, scheduled for Sept 25-27. We sent a survey to about 200 people, 50 of which responded (a 25% response rate). The choices were:

  1. I’m considering attending and WOULD LIKE to have the opportunity to be assigned to an All-mask posse.
  2. I’m considering attending, but WOULD NOT WANT to be assigned to an All-mask posse.  
  3. I’m not planning to attend Fall Roundup.

Respondents were asked to select one of the choices. Respondents could also enter comments. Here are the results:
21% (10) wanted an option for an All-mask Posse;
77% (37) did not want to be assigned to an All-mask Posse;
2% (1) is not planning to attend; and
2 people did not select a choice, but submitted comments.

We are encouraged that so many of our contacts took the time to respond. Thank-you. This helped as we made decisions on how proceed with our annual event.

Based on this survey we will have one All-mask Posse at Fall Round-Up to which shooters can request to be assigned. Members on this posse should expect to wear their mask while on every stage (both when shooting and while watching/working). Only those opting into this Posse will be assigned to it.

All others will be assigned to one of several traditional posses. Shooters on these Posses will NOT be required to wear a mask, although anyone may wear a mask if they choose to do so (TO’s, however, are required to a mask while in that role.) 

Everyone should familiarize themselves with the simplified Covid-19 protocols we have in place which are largely based on voluntary social distancing and respecting others’ spaces.  

If you’ve yet to send it your registration you can download the registration packet here. If you are interested in the All-mask please enter that in the Posse With section.

Hope to see you at one of the area’s last big events of the season – Illowa Irregulars’ 2020 Fall Round-Up.