Fall Round Up Safety Information

Howdy Partner,

This email is intended to provide some additional safety information so everyone can feel as comfortable as possible coming to the September Fall Round-Up.  If you’re on the fence about coming, please know we are doing what we are able in order to accommodate your concerns.  We’d love to have you shoot. 

Illowa Irregulars held its August monthly match last weekend, with 36 cowboys/cowgirls participating.  This turned out to be a great practice run for Fall Round-up, particularly in terms of operating under our simplified Covid-19 protocols which are largely based on voluntary social distancing and respecting others’ spaces.  The match went very well. 

In addition to the simplified Covid-19 protocols we are also undertaking some additional safety initiatives for Fall Round-Up. 

  1.  We will have a single All-mask Posse for those who wish to be assigned to it.
    1. Shooters assigned to this posse must self-select into it and will be expected to wear a mask 100% of the time during the match. 
    2. Only shooters who select this posse will be assigned to it. 
    3. All other shooters will be assigned to posses on which masks are optional. 
    4. TO’s will be wearing masks when working as a TO on all posses.
  1. We will have sanitizing wipes readily available at each stage; and,
  2. We are also providing two surgical masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer to each shooter at check-in.
    1. Of course, except for those on the All-mask posse, masks are optional.  If you don’t want to wear them here, you may find them useful somewhere else – just our gift to you for coming. 

Just to be clear, if you want to shoot on a traditional posse you don’t have to do anything, you’ll be assigned to a regular posse.  However, if you want to shoot on an All-mask posse but haven’t registered, just write All-mask posse in the “posse with” section of the Registration Form.  If you’ve already registered and want to be assigned to the All-mask posse please send an email to illowairregulars@gmail.com with your name and Alias, and let us know you want to be assigned to the All-mask posse.

Rootin Tootin/Badlands Charlie, Match Directors
Illowa Irregulars – illowairregulars@gmail.com