Illowa Irregulars’ Fall Round-Up Update

Here is an updated list of the cowboys and cowgirls currently registered for Illowa Irregulars’ Fall Round-Up. If you’re planning to attend please submit your application soon. (See the information below.

3 Deuce CowhandElder Statesman
Arizona Buffalo JoeClassic Cowboy
Average Joe49’er
Badlands CharlieElder Statesman
Bertha BellCowgirl
Big CatSenior
BlindmelonElder Statesman
Bob WireSilver Senior
Broomtail BetsyWorking Cowgirl
Buckeye TrooperElder Statesman
Chancy ShotF/C Gunfighter
Cheyene CinderLady Silver Senior
Clara BelleBuckarette
Colt RugerSilver Senior
Comstock CharleySilver Senior Duelist
Count SandorF/C Duelist
Cowboy RickF/C Gunfighter
Cripple Creek Kory49’er
Daisy AnnLady Wrangler
Deadwood KittyGrand Dame
Deuces WildEl Patron
Dimpled DarlinGrand Dame
Dolittle B. ErnestFrontier Cartridge
Dresden BanditElder Statesman
Einstein JackBuckaroo
Elida Orga NizerLady Senior
Fatboy HarleyB-Western
Granville StuartCattle Baron
GrumpyElder Statesman
Henry MusgroveSenior
J. W. JamesSenior
Justice James NewtonFrontier Cartridge
Katie TwoshotsLady Silver Senior
King Pin49’er
Lawdog Dago DomF/C Gunfighter
Lester MooreSilver Senior
Mackinaw JackClassic Cowboy
Magnolia SteeleLady 49’er
Mel FunctionElder Statesman
Montana SlimFrontiersman
Mountain Man Champ49’er
Muleskinner MaryCattle Baroness
PartnerSenior Gunfighter
Partner’s PartnerLady Senior F/C Duelist
Pinto PonyLady Silver Senior
Pistol Whippin JimSilver Senior
Pit MuleClassic Cowboy
Popcorn KellySenior
Rattlesnake RenaeClassic Cowgirl
RedF/C Gunfighter
Rootin TootinElder Statesman Duelist
Rough Rider RonElder Statesman
ShortcakeLady Silver Senior
Silver Spurs CharlieElder Statesman
Silverado RiderF/C Gunfighter
Silverado’s SweetheartLady Wrangler
Slim Shady49’er
Smilin DLady Silver Senior
Smiling Irish MikeDuelist
Special KGrand Dame
Stogie Jack DanielsElder Statesman
Tomahawk JohnsonSenior
Trooper’s LadyGrand Dame
Tulsa TexElder Statesman
Two Gun GabeSenior
Wicker NashSenior Gunfighter
Will DunnEl Patron
Windy City CindyLady Senior

The registration deadline is Monday, September 14th.   The dates for the shoot are September 25-27. Side matches on Friday, September 25th and are included in your entry fee, and the main match will be September 26-27.  If you’re planning to attend please submit your registration soon.  The application is available on our website:

To speed up the packet pick-up process, please complete and bring both a Milan Rifle Club release form and Milan Rifle Club COVID-19 release form. These forms can be found here: 
Club Waiver: Waiver:

If you have questions, you can contact the match directors: 
Rootin Tootin: (563) 349-2273;
Badlands Charlie: (563) 332-1615
or Justice James Newton: (309) 236-5082

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Justice James Newton / Mountain Man Champ 
Co-Chairpersons, Illowa Irregulars