Gunsmoke 2020

Well, Gunsmoke 2020 is over. Several Illowa Irregulars were there, as were a few others who regularly shoot at Camden Mills. There were 157 shooters spread out among 12 posses this year. As always, it was good to see everyone.

I thought I’d take a moment and share some of the Illowa Irregulars successes, as well as the successes of those who frequently shoot at Camden Mills. The following is in alphabetical order by category.

  • Cowboy
    • Foyster O’Rippy – 3rd place
  • Classic Cowboy
    • Pit Mule – 2nd place
  • Grande Dame
    • Deadwood Kitty – 3rd place
  • Gunfighter
    • Billy the Avenger – Midwest Regional Champion
  • Lady Senior Duelist
    • Turkey Legs – Midwest Regional Champion
  • Lady Wrangler
    • Little Hermana – 4th place
  • Senior Duelist
    • Tuco – Third place
  • Senior
    • JW James – Midwest Regional Champion
    • Popcorn Kelly – 4th place
  • Patron
    • Will Dunn – 2nd place
  • Wrangler
    • Cowboy Carty – Midwest Regional Champion
    • JB Kidd – 2nd place

Overall Rankings: Billie the Avenger – 4th; Cowboy Carty – 5th; JB Kidd – 6th; Foyster O’Rippy – 7th; and, JW James – 10th.

Clean Shooter: Badlands Charlie, Will Dunn, Foyster O’Rippy
(This is a horribly incomplete list – CVV has not published a clean shooter list and I can’t remember all of them. I am certain I’ve missed several who would be listed if I only knew of them. I’ve requested the clean shooter list and will update this section if I receive it.)

Spirit of the Game Award – Posse 12: Popcorn Kelly

Here is a link to Gunsmoke’s scores for a complete review of the scores and categories.

Congratulations to everyone who attended. If I left anyone off the above list I apologize.

Now it’s on to Fall Round-Up. Work begins in earnest soon to get Camden Mills ready for what should be a magnificent weekend. Yee Haw!

Popcorn Kelly

Senior Division Screen Projection – I couldn’t help taking this pic
Stage 11