Sharing a tip with our Cowboy family and friends

Dear Illowa Irregulars family and friends,

As we know, finding primers and other supplies has become very difficult.  For some it may even threaten their ability to participate in our sport to the extent they want; for others it may mean they can’t shoot at all.  I am going to share a tip I used to purchase a few thousand primers just last week. If you have a cell phone that receives text messages you may be able to do the same thing. 

Like some of you, I signed up to receive email alerts from when they identify retailers who have the product I need in stock – in my case, Federal primers.  The challenge was that by the time I saw the email then went to the retailer’s website the stock was already gone.  This happened repeatedly.    

I recently learned of a technique that allowed me to auto-forward Ammo Seek’s email to my cell phone in the form of a text message within seconds of Ammo Seek’s email hitting my email server, even when I have not downloaded their email to my computer.  When I’ve been successful, I’ve been able to get on the retailer’s website within 90 to 120 seconds of having received the text alert, providing me with an opportunity to place an order before they run out of stock. While I was not successful the first 4 or 5 texts alerts, I hit payday last week.  

The process to set up the auto-forwarding of the alert email to text was relatively simple:  I created a rule in Outlook to automatically forward all Ammo Seek alert emails to a special email address provided by my cell carrier (copied below).  In my case, the easiest way for me to set up a forwarding rule was to right-click on an existing Ammo Seek alert email message and select the option to Create Rule.  I then followed the prompts to have Ammo Seek emails forwarded to the email address based on my cell carrier’s instructions listed below.  For example, since I use Sprint I set my rule to auto-forward the Ammo Seek email alert to

(You may have to do something different to set up an auto-forwarding rule depending on your email program/service.  However, all email services allow you to set up a forwarding rule. You’ll just have to figure out how yours works.)

I hope this little tip helps some of you find the supplies you need.  Good luck! 

Popcorn Kelly


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