FRU ’21 Video Teaser #4: Spin Your Chair Around

Spring is just around the corner and soon, we’ll be back on the range.  This also means we’ll be planning our shooting season soon.  As you do, keep Illowa Irregulars’ Fall Round-Up 2021 in mind. 

Here is the fourth installment of our FRU ’21 Video Teaser series. If you’ve not seen the previous teasers start with the Illowa Irregulars Christmas message, then view Teasers #2 and #3.  Collectively, these videos will give you a sense of Fall Round-Up 2021’s overall theme, some of the stages, and perhaps even an opening line or two. The suspense is starting to build, and some of our best teasers have yet to be published. 

As you watch the videos, consider how what your seeing in the scene could be incorporated into the stage. But, that part will remain a secret – you’ll just have to shoot it to find out.

Click here to view video

Be sure to mark your calendars, put back a little ammo if it’s scarce, then join us in Fall Round-Up 2021.  You’ll be glad you did. 

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Happy Trails and we’ll see you soon.  Enjoy Video Teaser #4. 

Popcorn Kelly
Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting
Camden Mills
Milan, Illinois