Sunday, Mar 21 Swap Meet and Potluck Update (and Indoor Shoot)

Illowa Irregulars;

Just a quick update as our season is set to kick-off with our first “official” activity – the March 21st Swap Meet and Potluck, and the Indoor Shoot.  It’ll feel good to get the year off on the right foot as we look forward to a much more normal cowboy shooting season. 

  1. The swap meet, potluck, and Indoor Shoot are still a go;
    • while won’t be an officially scored Indoor Match you can still bring your guns and shoot – this is the only time we can shoot our rifles indoors;
    • Try to bring a dish to share at the potluck if possible.
  2. As announced earlier, some Preemption Judge’s shooting and reloading accessories will be at the swap meet.  The word on the street is that this includes approximately 30,000 primers ;
    • Rumors are that they are mostly, if not all, Winchester primers;
    • I don’t know if they are all small pistol or a mix of sizes;
      • My guess is that a fair number of small pistol primers; and,
  3. The word is that this will be a silent auction and likely sold in lots;
    • but I’m not in on the planning so take that with a grain of salt.

PLEASE REPLY to this email if you think you’ll attend – we’re just trying to get a soft headcount.  No worries if you say yes but then don’t come. 

Popcorn Kelly

Communications Director

PS. if you plan to attend Bear Creek’s Return from Hell on the Border next weekend and haven’t let them know, send Count Sandor an email for meal head count purposes.