Club News: Thirty New AR500 targets & Intro Course Update

Just a couple of quick Illowa Irregulars Club updates:

New Targets: The club took delivery of thirty new AR500 16” x 16” targets on April 22, 2021.  RT is shown below (left most picture) holding one for all to see.  Count Sandor, Match Director for Sunday, May 16th‘s monthly match, has already prepared eighteen of them for use at the May match.  Help us give them a proper initiation by putting them to the test on the 16th.  

On a related note, I want to thank the Milan Rifle Club Board of Directors for approving the purchase of the targets as well as for their general upkeep and maintenance of the facilities and grounds.  One of the biggest challenges clubs face is maintaining and updating their facilities, and the Milan Rifle Club does an excellent job maintaining theirs. If you get a chance, please thank the MRC Board members for their support.  We wouldn’t have the outstanding facilities we do without them (and a lot of volunteers along the way).

Introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting Course: Illowa Irregulars held its Introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting course Saturday, April 17.  Rootin Tootin put the course together and provided the main instruction, supported by several other club members.  Costa Rican Kid spoke about Wild Bunch.  Many thanks to them and the others that helped out. 

Several people attended the course. One of whom was Barbwire Rudy. Barbwire is a long-time Cowboy but came to the intro course to learn more about Wild Bunch.  In fact, Barbwire Rudy shot the next day’s Cowboy match.  One of the other course attendees, Cuban Jim, along with his father, Slim Jim, came to our Friday practice (today).  Both are pictured below (Slim Jim, middle photo; and, Cuban Jim, right photo). We want to extend a warm welcome to our new shooters, Barbwire and the Jim’s.  Hope to see you again, soon.