Wild Bunch Information: June 19 Match

The Milan Rifle Club is having a Wild Bunch Match Saturday, June 19. We plan to post the stages on the website early in the match week.

Registration starts at 8:00am and first rounds downrange 9:15. The round count will be:

Pistol 77
Rifle  51
SG    34

For those so inclined, we will be setting up the match starting at 10:00am on Friday. We can always use the help.

With the passing of Captain Jake, Costa Rican Kidd is running the Wild Bunch Matches at Milan Rifle Club. His intention is to open up Wild Bunch matches to more shooters.  For those that have a desire to shoot a match, but may not have all equipment necessary for a SASS Sanctioned Wild Bunch match, Milan is offering an OPEN class:

For the PISTOL: You don’t have a 1911 style pistol? NO WORRIES! Bring your Glock, Sig, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, etc. Any semi- auto with the capacity to hold a minimum of 7rds. A minimum of 3 magazines is required. You say, all I have is a double action revolver? You are in – again 6rds minimum x 3 speed loaders or full moon clips.

For the RIFLE stage, you don’t have a lever action rifle. NO WORRIES! You can use any rifle that will shoot a pistol caliber (38spl, 9mm, 45acp and 45 Colt) can be used. All Rifle Courses of fire are 10rds or less. Optionally, you can omit shooting the rifle course of fire.

For the SHOTGUN: Everyone has a shotgun. Bring what you have, SxS, Over & Under, Pump, Semi Auto and Single Shot. Sorry, forgot you Mossberg owners, magazine feed bolt action. All shotgun courses of Fire are 6 rounds or less.

The intent is not to eliminate SASS Wild Bunch classes, as we will be following guidelines set forth by SASS. Rather we are trying to bring more shooters into the game at the local level. As always, safety is #1!  Is this your 1st rodeo?  NO WORRIES, there will be plenty of seasoned rustlers to lend a hand and offer guidance.


Rest In Peace Captain Jake – My Friend, Fellow Competitor, Mentor And Trail Blazer.


Costa Rica Kidd

Illowa Irregulars Wild Bunch Match Director