EOT Sneak Preview – A Short (Unofficial) Video

I have created and shared several videos this year, some of which are posted on the Illowa Irregulars’ website (like this one) and others just on YouTube. For the most part, I’ll only share Illowa Irregular-related videos on our website, with those that aren’t Illowa Irregulars-related just going up on YouTube.

However, I’m making an exception today and posting a video of Paradise Pass as they get ready to host EOT 2021. While not directly related to Illowa Irregulars, many Irregulars have attended matches at Paradise Pass, several are going to EOT, with others wanting to go but weren’t able to get registered.

I found myself in the vicinity of Paradise Pass this weekend so I visited the range to get a sneak peek before EOT.  As luck would have it, the local club was shooting their month match Saturday.  Although I did not have my gear with me I took a few videos and photographs and created the little video shared below.

From what I saw and heard Paradise Pass is working hard to put on a once-in-a-lifetime EOT. Many thanks to all their members and volunteers! 

Popcorn Kelly