Illowa Irregulars at End of Trail

The Cowboy Action Shooting portion of End of Trail 2021 was held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (June 23-25, 2021) with four stages shot each day. We had it all: A little heat; a little cool weather; and a fair amount of rain on the third day. It was a spectacular experience and each Illowa Irregular would, I’m sure, highly recommend it.

While all Irregulars attending End of Trail had a wonderful time, several came away with awards. They include:

Wicker Nash, Clean Shooter and 2nd Place Elder Statesman Gunfighter;
JW James, 4th Place Senior;
Daisy Ann, 6th Place Lady 49er;
Count Sandor, 7th Place Silver Senior Frontier Cartridge Duelist;

Here are a few pictures taken at the Saturday Awards Ceremony.