The Best AmmoSeek Alert Tip Ever: Increase Your Odds of Purchasing Hard To Find Supplies Before They’re Sold Out

Dear Illowa Irregulars family and friends,

Are you frustrated that by the time you see AmmoSeek’s alert the supply is gone? I know I was. It seemed like I simply could not get to the vendor quickly enough to buy the item usually because I did not see the email alert for several minutes, perhaps even hours, after the alert was sent. I soon came to realize that unless I happened to be at my computer when the alert was issued I simply was unlikely to find what I was needed using AmmoSeek alerts. Well, what I am about to share with you changed everything.

A few months ago I learned how to set up a forwarding rule with my email service provider that would instantly forward my AmmoSeek alert to my cell phone as a text message. This meant I would receive the alert within moments of AmmoSeek sending the email, and I was no longer dependent on having to log onto my email account to get it. In fact, I used this process a few weeks ago to pick up a couple of cases of 12-gauge Remington STS shells, and then earlier this week I was able to purchase 5,000 Federal Small Pistol primers. The primers went fast, but because I got a text message I was able to immediately log onto the site and place my order.

It worked so well for me that I wanted to share it with my Cowboy/Cowgirl friends with the hope I can help someone, somewhere, find the critical supplies they need to keep shooting. To that end, I created a YouTube instructional video that shows you what you need to know and steps to take to get AmmoSeek alerts on sent to you as a text message on your cell phone. You can view the video by clicking on the image below.

Take note of the forwarding address format for your cell carrier in the list below. You’ll need the information. Where it says “number” you’d enter your cell phone number as the forwarding address. The video has the other information/instructions you’ll need. It’s not terribly complicated, but may require some of you to interact with your email provider in ways you’ve not done below. Take your time. You can do it.

I hope this little tip helps some of you find the supplies you need.  Good luck! 

Popcorn Kelly


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