Stage 10 Rebuild Progress

Here is a daily summary of the work several volunteers have performed so far to rebuild Stage 10. As you will see below, work is progressing nicely with the fist primer coat being applied to the upper facade earlier today. We’re taking tomorrow off (Wed, July 28), but will be back at it Thursday the 29th.

Two features of the new building you will quickly notice is the lowered window sills and the raised roofline. Another feature that may not be readily apparent to most is the 12 extra inches to the front deck. This was achieved by simply moving the facade to the back of the upright posts.

Here is a pictorial timeline of our progress by day:

Day 1; July 19; Teardown of the deck and hauling away of old material, leaving the bare deck and support beams in place

Day 2, July 20; Initial facade framing is constructed and erected

Day 3, July 21; Support beams, rafters, and additional wall support are installed

Day 4, July 23; Roof decking added, facade covering partially installed, and windows and doorway cut

Day 5, July 26; Upper facade built, facade covering mostly completed

Day 6, July 27; Window and doorway trim added and upper facade given first primer coat.

Day 7, July 29; Support poles boxed in and finished applying first primer coat upper

Day 8, July 30; 2nd primer coat applied and roof shingled

Day 9, August 2; First coat of paint

Day 10, August 3; Second coat of paint below; first coat on top; and some trim painted

Day 11, August 5; Second cost of paint on top; second coat of trim on bottom; doorway and connecting frame (not seen) built and primed adjacent to the unloading table

Day 12, August 6; Additional trim painting, first coat new doorway paint

Day 13, August 9; 2nd coat on some trim and new doorway and fram off unloading table, as well as first coat of paint on new door

Day 14, August 10; Buttresses installed on back deck; loading and unloading tables given first coat of trim paint; doorway and connecting frame given second coat of paint; window ledges built (see on deck in middle picture above)

Day 15, Aug 12; 98% of the work is completed which means for all practical purposes, the rebuild is complete: Trim and Door painting is finished, including facade, loading and unloading tables ; window platforms installed; door by unloading table painted and installed, and header gap boards cut and installed. This has been quite a project. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped on this rebuild, but a special thanks to Count Sandor.