Fall Round-Up Updates

Fall Round-Up 2021, scheduled for Sept 24-27, is approaching fast.  Get your game face on and be ready for another great experience – one of the last big hurrahs of our shooting season.  To paraphrase Clint Eatwood in Josey Wales: Are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

Here are a few important details:


Side Matches:  We are again offering a bevy of side matches this year, including a new one never before seen.  Here is a link to the list of side matches and the rules governing them:   Side Match Rules


Miss and Procedural Tickets:  As we’ve done for many years, we will be selling Procedural and Miss Tickets for use during Fall Round-Up 2021.  Procedural tickets cost $10 each and Miss Tickets $5 each and can be purchased only during registration (i.e., prior to the match beginning).  Each registrant has an option to purchase 1 Procedural and 2 Miss tickets for the entire 2-day match during registration.   

Here is how the tickets work:  If a shooter makes a Procedural error during a stage they can use the Procedural ticket to avoid the 10-second penalty normally awarded.  Likewise, if a shooter has a miss (or a few), the shooter can use their Miss tickets to avoid the 5-second per Miss ticket used.  Only 1 Procedural and 2 Miss tickets total per shooter can be used across the entire match.  The shooter must tell the scorekeeper immediately after completing the stage that they intend to use their tickets, then give the tickets to the scorekeeper who will make the appropriate adjustments on the scoring sheet. 

Please note:  Procedural and Miss tickets cannot be used on Stage 8 – the shotgun only stage.  Also, tickets can only be used by the individual shooter for whom they were purchased and cannot be transferred to or used by someone else. 


Food Options:  In addition to the full lunches being served on Saturday and Sunday (which are included in the Registration) the following food options will be available for purchase:

  • Friday Sept 24 Side Match Day:  Chili is being served by Alpha Beta Sorority (St. Jude’s ); and,
  • Sat & Sun Main Match breakfast and mid-Match snacks:  Little Ranger will have a variety of individually packaged items to help satisfy your breakfast and snack needs. 

Use of small bills is appreciated.


Match Stages: We will be publishing the Main Match and Warm-Up stages about one week prior to the match.  Check back later.   

Your host,

Illowa Irregulars