Best of Luck @ Gunsmoke; See you soon at Fall Round-Up 2021

Just a quick note from Illowa Irregulars wishing everyone a fun and successful Gunsmoke.  Some Irregulars arrive tomorrow, some Wednesday, and still others Thursday.  It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again, but it’s upon us.  Best of luck to everyone!

Once Gunsmoke is but a recent memory, we turn our attention towards Fall Round-Up 2021, Sept 24-26.  We’ve a very respectable 104 registered shooters. 

Beginning Tuesday after Gunsmoke, many of the Irregulars will be out on the range preparing it for the 3-day event:  Washing tables/chairs, erecting tents, setting up stages and side matches, etc.  If  you are from the area and want to help, our work schedule is posted here:  2021 Fall Round-Up Work Schedule – Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting

Matchbook:  Be on the lookout for another web post/email later this week when the Match Book is scheduled for publication (psst. . . . Friday, Sept 16 at 8:00 a.m.).  If you’re curious, be sure to download and take a look.  If you’ve seen the Teaser Videos you’ll recognize many of the stage lines and more.  We even painted one of the stages red (sort of) to represent Lago from High Plains Drifter.  Don’t forget, you can purchase two Miss and one Procedural ticket for use anytime during the match at registration. This should be an outstanding match.

Side Matches:  We’ve the usual Fall Round-Up Side Matches, including among others, the Running Buffalo. However, we’ve added two Side Matches titled Winchester ’73 and Support Your Local SheriffClick here for a list of the side matches and the rules governing them.  The rules for the two new ones are in the second column, 2nd and 3rd from the bottom. 

Wishing you the best,

Illowa Irregulars