RO Rules Update: Use of a Quickloader Shotgun Loader

SASS Range Operations Committee, after considering all the comparison photos and information provided to them regarding currently available reloading equipment, has determined:

The 12-guage shotgun ammunition produced by using the “Quikloader” as directed complies with the 2018 ruling and current rules.

ROC majority opinion (August 2018)

  1. The factory-produced ammo in question is LEGAL (re the tapered factory ammo presented at that time);
  2. Any similar factory-produced ammo is LEGAL;
  3. Any similar home-rolled ammo is LEGAL; HOWEVER,
  4. Ammunition manufactured or modified by using a “sub-gauge” die remains ILLEGAL under the existing rule:
    Shotgun shells shall not be sized down (necked) by the use of any die not manufactured for the specific gauge.

See SHB p.26

As shown in the images below, there is a distinct visual difference between the illegal “sized down (necked)” ammunition and the legal “tapered” ammunition.