Popcorn Kelly’s Shoot-Out at Camden Mills 2021 (Surprise Ending!)

Here is a link to a video I’ve wanted to make for some time: A video that captures the essence of the competition we all experience within the match. I titled this video Popcorn Kelly’s Shoot-Out at Camden Mills 2021.

Rules for this Shoot-out are simple:

  1. A pre-selected group of shooters will shoot five stages as part of a regular monthly match;
  2. These shooters are all placed on the same posse; with the,
  3. Person with the lowest total time after the 5th stage being named the Popcorn Kelly Shoot-Out at Camden Mills 2021 Champion.

This Shoot-Out features three Illowa Irregular shooters who were consistently at or near the top of Illowa Illregulars’ rankings throughout the year. They are: Wicker Nash, Mountain Man Champ, and JW James.

During the video you will see and experience a stage-by-stage update as each shooter progresses through the match. There were at least 3 lead changes, with the last stage providing one of the most exciting and suspenseful endings one could imagine.

I hope you enjoy this alternative view of Cowboy Action Shooting – one of the most exciting of the action shooting sports.