Range clean-up, match setup, and April cowboy match

Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls. It’s time to get back to shooting. Here are our plans beginning April 1st. 

  • April 1st we will have our normal practice session stating at 10:00 am and afterwards we’ll attend to some quick organizational needs in our target storage area.
  • April 2nd will be our competition range clean-up and match setup. Please bring a rake and leaf blower if you have one, for decks and staging areas. MPS folks will also be around to help. Thanks Jeff.  
    • We will set up a couple targets in bay 6 for the work crew to blow the dust off their guns and loosen up techniques when we are done with clean-up and set-up. Bring your guns if you want to loosen up before Sundays Match.
  • April 3rd will be our normal April Match at normal time. Easter is on the 3rd Sunday (our normal date) this year. Change required.   

As usual, we can use as many of you fine folks as possible to help us get the range ready in 2 days (April 1 & 2). This year we don’t have the 3 weeks we normally have. We did get a jump on it earlier this month when we had great weather, but we still need to address a number of smaller issues.

Thanks, See You all soon,

Rootin Tootin