2022: And So It Begins – Here Are April 3rd’s Stages

Illowa Irregulars 2022 season is about ready to begin with our first match of the year this coming weekend, Sunday April 3rd.

As we did much of last year, we are publishing April’s stages in advance. Click here to download them.

While I have your attention, I’m also including a message from Rootin Tootin below about this weekend’s activities that some of you may have already seen, but it bears repeating due to April’s unusual scheduling.

Have a great week and hope to see many of you soon.

Popcorn Kelly


Here’s another note about Illowa Irregulars’ April activities: 

  • Friday April 1st we will have our normal practice session stating at 10:00 am and afterwards we’ll attend to some quick organizational needs in our target storage area.
  • Saturday April 2nd we will spend some time cleaning up the competition range clean-up and setting up the the April 3rd match.
    • Please bring a rake and leaf blower to clean up the decks and staging areas if you have one.
      • Milan Practical Shooters will also be around to help (thanks Jeff)
    • Bring your guns:  When we’re done with clean-up and set-up we will set up a couple targets in Bay 6 for the work crew to blow the dust off their guns and loosen up techniques.
  • Our first match of the year will be held on Sunday April 3rd this year instead of our normal 3rd Sunday of the month.
    • Since Easter falls on our normally scheduled Sunday (the 3rd Sunday of the month) we decided to move our April shoot to avoid this conflict.

As usual, we can use as many fine folks as possible to help us get the range ready in 2 days (April 1 & 2).  Please come on out if you can, and don’t forget we’ll hold our first shoot of the season on Sunday, April 3rd.  It’ll be an exciting year!

Please note:  There will be NO LUNCH served on the 3rd.  If you want to have a sandwich or snack during the post-match results announcements you’ll need to being it. 

Thanks, and we’ll see you all soon,

Rootin Tootin