SASS 2022 Illinois State Championship Shooter Information Packet

In an effort to help shooters attending the SASS 2022 Illinois State Championship scheduled from July 15-17, we created an information packet containing some of the most important information shooters will need or want to know prior to arrival.  If you’ve been here before, you will be familiar with much of this information.  However, if you’ve not, we hope this makes it a little easier for you.

The packet includes, among other things, information describing:

  • Directions to the Milan Rifle Club;
  • Where to Register and pick up your packet;
  • The Daily Schedule;
  • Side Match Schedule;
  • Parking information;
  • Round Count w/ important information about Stage 8 – our Shotgun Only stage;
  • Camping information and instructions; and,
  • Directions to the Awards Ceremony which will be held at the Milan Community Center.

Click here to download the packet. 

Additionally, we created a 6-minute, pre-arrival video providing a visual reference for how to get to and enter the range, as well as where to register, camp, and park for the match.  Click here to view the video. 

Check out our Who’s Coming list.

We’ve a few spots left. We’d enjoy having you Click here to download the registration form. (Registration closed after June 28.)

Have a great day and we’ll see you in July, or at one of our regular monthly matches if you can’t make the State Championship. 

Happy Trails,
Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting Club
Popcorn Kelly