Sunday, June 19 Cowboy Match Hint as well as Saturday’s Wild Bunch reminder

Here’s a hint for Sunday’s Cowboy Match – if you shoot lighter pistol and rifle loads, you might want to bring two heavier rounds for Stage 6. Stage 6 has us shooting 9 pistols and 9 rifles on our standard rifle/pistol targets. The 10th round for each is shot at a shotgun knockdown. It’s not a miss if you don’t hit it, but if you knock the SG target down you don’t have to shoot it with your shotgun. I copied State 6 below. You can download all stages for Sunday’s match by clicking here.

Don’t forget about Saturday’s Wild Bunch Match. Click here for more information.

It’ll be hot. Our cowboy dress code is relaxed. Wear what you wish.

As always, we appreciate any and all help setting up (9:00 a.m. Saturday) and tearing down (9:00 a.m. Monday).

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