For Immediate Release: From Camden’s Mills Mayor

While the 2022 Illinois State Shoot has been completed with dinner, raffles, awards, and recognition of many of our workers and contributors, we would be greatly remiss if we did not recognize on this larger internet platform the quiet behind the scenes work of our coordinator and co-Match Director, Mr. Popcorn Kelly! Taking the ideas and suggestions of a few of our regular shooters, Popcorn “took the ball and ran,” doing all the drudge work of making contacts, coordinating the various separate parts of a successful State shoot, and organizing an awards program that worked flawlessly. Throughout the run up to the weekend, and during the weekend itself, many questions that came up received the same answer – “Check with Popcorn – he knows!” Elsewhere you will read about a successful Illinois State Shoot – the most important factor behind that success was the modest person behind it all…Thanks. Popcorn!

2 thoughts on “For Immediate Release: From Camden’s Mills Mayor

  1. We have never been to a shoot where we had the communication that we had before the shoot like we did for this one.   Thank you Popcorn Kelly!!!!Mean Mary


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