FRU 2022; Stage 4 – RT, You’re Going to Swing – Updated Version

How’s this for a twist – RT has changed his mind: He’s added a moving target to Stage 4 for your rifle. Have you ever shot moving and swinging targets using the same gun on a single stage? Here’s your chance! See Stage 4’s updated instructions below.

Swing: intransitive verb

  1. To move back and forth suspended or as if suspended from above.
  2. To move laterally or in a curve.
  3. To hit at something with a sweeping motion of the arm.

in this stage, RT gives you two of the three above definitions –

  1. the Cougar swings back and forth; and,
  2. the shooter moves laterally.

We’ll, let’s just forget about #3 – no hitting allowed!.

All kidding aside, the swinging Cougar is a fun stage, and you get plenty of chances to hit the 5 pistols targets on the dueling tree, so no worries there. Another way to think about this stage: All for fun; and fun for all!

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