FRU Work Schedule

It’s that time again – our annual call to Fall Round-Up Arms, or perhaps better said our call FOR Fall Round-Up Arms (and hands, feet, backs, etc.).

Here is the Work and Event schedules for this year’s Fall Round-Up. As usual, we can use all the setup help we can get on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Setup workdays start at 9:00 am at Milan Rifle Club.  Lunch will be provided on Wednesday & Thursday. Those helping on Friday will receive lunch tickets to use with the lunch ladies.


Tuesday, Sep 20th, 9:00 am

  • Wash tables and chairs
  • Mow and trim the Cowboy range

Wednesday, Sep 21st; 9:00 am

  • Setup the main match on the competition range
  • Lunch provided to setup workers

Thursday, Sep 22nd; 9:00 am

  • Setup side matches in/near Benchrest area
  • Setup tables and chairs for the banquet in the Indoor Range (wash them in necessary)
  • Lunch provided to setup workers

3 thoughts on “FRU Work Schedule

  1. A question. What will the St Jude Ladies be serving for lunch on Friday? Cost

    Trent “Tomahawk” Johnson “Success comes to those     who hustle wisely”

  2. Tomahawk, I’ll see if RT knows. My guess is they will serve their standard fare of grilled hamburgers and bratwurst. I’ll post here again when I have more information. We’ll be at the range all week beginning tomorrow.

  3. Tomahawk, I checked and found out the ladies plan to serve either Sloppy Joe’s or Pulled pork sandwiches on Friday, perhaps both, but we won’t know until later.

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