Fall Round-up 2022 Preview; 2023 Illinois State Championship

Well, today’s Wednesday, and Fall Round-up starts Friday – our second three-day match of 2022. The crew has been working hard to get everything in place for another wonderful event. The weather is looking great. We’re good to go.

As we’ve said all along, this particular match is set up as more of an old-style shoot, with FRU Match Director, Rootin Tootin, breaking out some of our older novelty targets for one final Fall Round-Up Rodeo – an old-style, historical cowboy shoot unlike any other you’ve shot this year.

We’re sharing two pictures of every FRU stage below to give you an idea of what you will be shooting (or what you will miss if you’re not). Click here to download the stages. We will be shooting all the odd stages on Saturday and the even stages on Sunday.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcement concerning the 2023 Illinois State Championship scheduled for Aug 18-20, 2023. 10 state championship level stages, another riverboat dinner cruise, all at a shooter-friendly range. We’re also working on a special event you won’t want to miss.

If you’re looking for that “special” late summer match, take a look at the Illinois State Championship and make plans to attend. We’d love to have you. As I say in my videos, perhaps our paths will cross someday, wherever that may be. Let’s make it the 2023 Illinois State Championship!

Stay tuned. More information coming soon.

———————————FRU 2022 STAGE PICTURES———————————

Stage 1: Radical Shotgun

Stage 2: Another Shotgun Challenge

Stage 3: Can I be like Deuce?

Stage 4: RT, You’re Going to Swing

Stage 5: Tricky Shotgun – Hang RT Again

Stage 6: Who has the Anchor?

Stage 7: Don’t Hit the Props

Stage 8: Watch for them snakes and flying objects. Also, note that the positioning of the Ground level Metal bird rack and the beer can launchers have been swapped on the stage, compared to what was printed in the stage book. It has to do with where the sun is in the morning. Believe me when I say this is better.

Stage 9: Medusa with SG Options

Stage 10: Are You Annie Oakley or Bob Mundeen?