Fall Round-Up 2022 Match Highlight Video

This is just a quick follow-up from Fall Round-Up.  Thanks to everyone who came to the Round-Up.

Click here or on the image below to view a short match highlight video and photos, with a little music thrown in here and there. There are only a few actual videos to share, along with a handful of photographs.  If you attended the match and don’t see yourself, you’ll certainly see photos/videos of others you know.  The Clean Shooter and Rank Order Results also scroll at the end.

Here is the time markers of the various sections, particularly useful for those that want to skip my intro.  😉

  • Video begins at the 8 minute mark
  • Photos begin at the 15 minute mark; and,
  • Scrolling results begin at the 19 minute mark. 

Take care and hopefully you’ll continue to attend our matches in the future.  Look for information and registration forms on the Illinois State Championship to be coming soon.  We’re planning to offer another Saturday night Riverboat dinner cruise on the Mississippi River next year and have one or two other things planned that should make the 2023 State match a unique and fun experience you won’t want to miss

Popcorn Kelly, Communications and Website Director

Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Milan, Illinois

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