Illowa Irregulars at Land Run 2022 – A Brief Update

Congratulations to all Illowa Irregulars and friends who attended Land Run 2022.  It was a spectacular week.  A total of 680 shooters attended the match, with several local shooters coming home with awards, and those that didn’t represented our club well and came home with fond memories.  Click here to view the results.

Here are a few of the awards our local and regional shooters earned (sorry if I missed anyone): 

  • Foyster O’Rippy – 10th place overall, 3rd place Wrangler, and made it to the quarterfinals of the top gun shoot off
  • Wicker Nash – 2nd place Gunfighter Elder Statesman
  • Cowboy Rick – 2nd place Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Senior
  • Daisy Ann – 8th place Lady 49r
  • Dimpled Darlin – 6th place Grand Dame
  • JW James – 9th place Senior
  • Clean Shooters:  Mountain Man Champ and Popcorn Kelly

Other regional notable finishes include

  • Turkey Legs – 1st place Lady Duelist Senior
  • Deadwood Kitty – 3rd place Grand Dame
  • Don Jorge – 3rd place Elder Statesman
  • Billy The Avenger – 3rd place Gunfighter and 17th Overall

Here are just a few pics to share for now.