Land Run 2022 (Unofficial) Highlight Video

Howdy Cowboy Friends and Acquaintances,

This post is to announce that I recently published my SASS 2022 National Championship – Land Run highlight video.  Here it is:

My hope is that this video provides those that attended an opportunity to relive it in some small way and give those that weren’t able to attend a sense of what it was like. 

This video a bit longer than normal coming in at about 35 minutes.  I included a time stamp for each section just after the introduction (at about the 6 in 43 sec mark) which will enable you to skip to any section you like if you wish to do so.

Viewing hints: 

  1. Pop some popcorn and watch it on your television;
  2. Watch it on your television with another food/drink of your choice; or,
  3. Watch it on any other device. 

I hope you find something here that brightens your day or entertains you in some small way.  Perhaps it’s the videos, the photos, the music, or some combination of them all. 


On another note, Illowa Irregulars are hosting the 2023 Illinois State Championship from August 18-20, 2023.  We’d be honored to have you attend. 

For those that are unfamiliar with out club, we are is conveniently located along the Illinois/Iowa Border near the intersections of I-80 and I-74.  While the club is located in Milan, IL, we are part of the larger Quad Cities area which is comprised of Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa and Rock Island and Moline, Illinois. 

We’ve a shooter friendly range (lots of shade, berms between every stage, a paved central pathway through the range, covered loading and unloading tables, on-site dry camping, etc., and, we’re NOT a last brass match).  We’re also hosting an optional Riverboat dinner cruise on the Mississippi River aboard the Celebration Belle.  See the link below for more information. 

Registration:  We are now offering two ways to register – our traditional printed/mailed paper form AND our new online form. 

  1. The traditional PAPER-BASED REGISTRATION FORM is attached to this email (you may also download it from our website by clicking here).  Just complete the forms and mail them in to the address listed on the form; or
  2. For those who would like to register and pay directly online using a credit card or PayPal, you can now do so by completing OUR NEW ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM You can also find the link to the online form on our website’s Registration page.  Online registrations receive immediate confirmation. 

To learn more about our Host Hotel, the Celebration Belle Dinner Cruise or our On-site Camping, open the attached form or click on the following links:  Host Hotel;     Celebration Belle Riverboat Dinner Cruise;     On-site Camping.


Popcorn Kelly