November 6 Cowboy Match – Our Last of 2022

Come out to Camden Mills November 6, 2022, for our last Cowboy Match of the year. It’s hard to believe – it seems our season began just a few weeks ago. It was quite the year, wasn’t it? Monthly matches from April into November with an Illinois State Championship AND a Fall Round-Up thrown in for good measure.

Planning is already underway for next year, including another Illinois State Championship, scheduled from August 18-20, 2023. We’ve some really special things planned. Oh, one more thing: In addition to our traditional paper registration option, we are now offering an on-line registration option for both registration and payment. Registration doesn’t get any easier than that.

Back to this upcoming match. As we’ve done recently, we are sharing the stages in advance. In keeping with the format of our past November shoots, we encourage all shooters to have a little fun by trying some shooting styles you normally don’t use in other matches. Who knows—you might just find a style that appeals to you and decide to practice it during the long winter days ahead! Of course, following our suggested shooting styles isn’t a requirement but we hope those who take the challenge have a fun time.

Take care and perhaps we’ll see you on the 6th.


PS. Don’t worry about this being our last match of the year – we’ll keep in touch over the Fall and Winter. 🤠👍