Junior Gunfighter and BP Testing Change Proposals – TG Voting Results

A few months ago, SASS put two items up to a vote by the Territorial Governors.*  Item #1 was a proposal to allow shooters in the Junior Category to shoot Gunfighter style; Item #2 was a proposal to revise the Black Powder Testing Standard for adequate smoke so that the testing of shooter’s rounds are compared to standard rounds made using the following load data:  .38 Special with 125 gr to 158 gr bullet weights and 1 cc of any common BP substitute.  A “Yes” vote would approve both changes; a “No” vote would keep the current rules in place.

SASS recently announced the voting’s outcome on the TG Wire.  After collecting and tabulating all the TG votes, both Items failed by the following margins:

  • Item #1 (Junior Gunfighter) failed with 71% of TGs voting against the change; and,
  • Item #2 (BP Testing) failed with 72% of TGs voting against the change.

Illowa Irregulars

* The above descriptions represent only a generic summary of each issue, and do not include all the details of the issues described.