Important Information from Illowa Irregulars

Hey all you Cowboys and Cowgirls biding your time until warmer weather arrives, and we can get back to the range.  We have been busy working during the off-season on a few projects:

  • Our Iron Cowboy in January,
  • Our Indoor Cowboy Match and Swap Meet coming up March 19th,
  • Our season which opens April 16, and
  • Getting ready for our Cowboy Action Shooting Introductory Clinic scheduled for May 16. 

We’ve also purchased eight new 18×24 inch targets and four 24×24” targets we will use this year, and are rebuilding/repairing several of our shotgun knockdown targets (special thanks to Count Sandor). 

Registration is open for the SASS 2023 Illinois State Championship scheduled for August 18-20, 2023.  If you’ve already registered, thank-you very much.  If you’ve yet to register, there’s no time like the present.  We’re please to now have two registration options available – our traditional paper form and our new Online Registration and Payment option.   Click here for more information on how to register. 

And, of course, we are sponsoring another optional Saturday Evening Riverboat Dinner Cruise on the Mississippi River aboard the Celebration Belle, Saturday, August 19th.  Details on the Registration Packet Information. 

Additionally, we finalized and released the official “State Record Stage” which we will shoot during the State Championship and use to set Illinois State Records in every shooting category during the 2023 Illinois State Championship, as well as set Illowa Irregulars Club Records.  We believe this will be the first time a State Record Award has been given out anywhere in the history of Cowboy Action Shooting.  There aren’t many firsts left in this world, but here’s one.

There is one important caveat:  Just as only Illinois residents are eligible to be an Illinois Champion, only Illinois residents will be eligible to set the Illinois State Record. However, non-Illinois Residents will be eligible to set a new Illowa Irregular Club record during the Championship match, and will receive an award as well.

This should be exciting and fun, and add a new wrinkle to the Illinois State Championship.  Several cowboys/ cowgirls will go home from the 2023 Championship recognized as holding the State and/or Illowa Irregular Club record in their shooting category.  Will you be one of them?     

Click here to download the State Record Stage.  This is what we will shoot. We encourage people to practice it in advance.


Other matches in our area for you to consider:

There are a couple of other large matches coming up the summer we encourage you to consider as well. 

2023 Iowa State Championship:  Fort Des Moines Ranges are hosting the 2023 Iowa State Championship Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28.  FDMR puts on a really nice match, and they are conveniently located in Central Iowa.  Click here for more information. 

Reckoning on the Rock:  Rock River Regulators, located in Beloit, WI is holding their 3-day extravaganza June 3-5, 2023.  If you’re looking for a spectacular shoot, you’d do well to stop by here.  Click here for more information. 


Other Friends Near Us:  If you find yourself in the upper Midwest (Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Missouri) and you are looking to attend a shoot, check out the following clubs.  Lots of friendly folk and good shooting is available all around us. Check them out.

 Iowa/Illinois Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs

Regional Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs