March 19 Indoor Shoot Stages & Swap Meet Info

Exciting news – the Indoor Shoot Stages are now available for download! Click on the image or link below.

We’re going to start out with two 3-target stages then go to two 4-target stages to ease into the match.

  • Stage 1 is an Arkansas Shuffle, essentially, a 2,1,2, sweep left to right, then repeat
  • Stage 2 is Kansas City Sweep (a double-tap Nevada sweep here), starting from either end
  • Stage 3 doesn’t have a specific name. It’s a continuous clockwise single tap sweep starting in the upper left; and,
  • Stage 4 doesn’t have a specific name. It’s also shot clockwise 3, 2, 2, 3 sweep, beginning in the upper left.

See the actual stage descriptions below. Remember, NO SHOTGUNS OR BLACK POWDER

Doors open at 8:00 a.m., with a Safety meeting about 9:45 a.m. You may show up later if you wish. We’ll just review the special rules with you at that time. If you come later in the morning, you may not be able to shoot all the stages or have your times recorded (you’d still be timed so you’ll know how you did). For those that are familiar with MRC’s Indoor Ranges, we are shooting on the 50′ range.

Chili and coffee will be available.

Swap meet will begin immediately in the morning. First come, first served in terms of tables. Sell if you have stuff; buy if you need stuff.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION for both the Indoor Match and Swap Meet is requested but NOT required. Come on out even if you didn’t preregister. We’re just trying to get an idea of how many people may show up for planning purposes. If you’ve already registered there’s you’re good to go.

RSVP by clicking here: Indoor Shoot and Swap Meet Registration Page


SPRING CLEANUP: It won’t be long before our outdoor season starts. Saturday, April 1 is our annual Range Cleanup Day. There’s always a lot of debris, dirt, etc., that’s spread across the range and shooting stages after the winter. If you’re available to come out and give us a hand, please do so. We’ll begin working at 9:00 a.m.

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