SASS Now Requires ID Checks at State-level and Higher Matches to Confirm Correct Category Assignment

The following is taken directly from page 5 of the current version of the SASS Shooter’s Handbook v.27.4, published Jan 30, 2023:

SECTION 2 – SHOOTING CATEGORIES SASS recognizes shooting categories based upon age, gender, costuming, equipment, shooting style, and/or propellant. The age for a competitor is determined by their age on the first day the match starts. All SASS categories are open gender categories (there are no men’s categories). Base categories may be subdivided by gender to establish categories for women only. Age, gender, and residency are all to be confirmed/determined by the declaration on the individual’s state issued driver’s license or ID. Competitors may compete within any category for which they qualify. Each category has a set of standard regulations the competitor must follow in order to “stay in category” during the match.


Note the requirement to check IDs. Checking IDs is no longer optional or to be performed only when questioned: SASS is now requiring clubs to check IDs at all SASS-sponsored events, which for all practical purposes means all State-level and higher matches.

Illowa Irregulars plans to comply with this requirement at the SASS 2023 Illinois State Championship by requiring shooters present a State-issued Driver’s license or other State-issue ID when registering as required by SHB, Section 2. Please be prepared by bringing your State-issued ID with you when registering. In terms of age-based categories, the shooter must qualify for their selected age-based category on the first day of the championship match, which in this case will be August 19, 2023.

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