2023 Illinois State Championship – Who’s Coming List Is Posted

Like the emerging signs of Spring around us, there are emerging signs the 2023 Illinois State Match is growing ever closer. One of the signs is the recently published “Who’s Coming?” list. We posted the initial list, which is current through yesterday, a few moments ago. Click the image below or the link to the right to see/download the list Who’s Coming List. Perhaps you’ll see your name or perhaps you’ll see your buddies name(s).

Don’t see your name? We’ve a remedy for that. Click here to see your registration options.

As we said in a recent post, we’re diligently working towards hosting the SASS 2023 Illinois State Championship. In fact, just today we placed our order for our two new awards: The Illinois State Record Holder pins and the Illowa Irregulars’ Club Record pins. (We also ordered the Clean Shooters pin.) See the images below. Click here to learn more about the State Record Stage and how you will have an opportunity to set a record.

With that, we wish you and yours the best. Hopefully our paths will cross one day, wherever that may be. Perhaps at the 2023 Illinois State Championship.