Stage 9 Rebuild

And so it begins, another stage rebuild. This time at Stage 9.

The top row of images were taken from the front of the stage from about where the Loading Table is. Left to Right the images represent the Before and After images looking at the stage from the Loading Table.

The bottom set of images were taken downrange looking back to the stage, again from the Loading Table side. As above, left to right, they represent the Before and After images.

We plan to rebuild the stage, but in a completely different configuration – a configuration we don’t currently offer at Camden Mills. I won’t spoil the surprise here, but it’ll be a nice addition to the range.

Not sure we’ll get it completely rebuilt by our May shoot, though.

Also, for those of you who’ve read this far in the post and are still paying attention, it’s looking like we may be shooting the Club Record Stage for the first time in May. This is the same stage we will use at the State Championship to set the State Record. Here’s your chance to set and hold the very first Club Record. But, you can’t set the Club Record if you don’t shoot. Stay tuned! I’ll send our more information as we get closer, and let you know for sure.