Correction: May 21, 2023 Stages Posted – Club Record Stage Is On The Docket

[NOTE: In an earlier version of the download the gun placement indicators along the bottom of Stage 1’s stage description were incorrect. All guns will be shot from a table at (or just in front of) the doorway as described in the stage description text.]]

Illowa Irregulars’ first warm-weather match of the year is coming up quickly – May 21, 2023. The range is in good shape and we’re ready to go! If you are looking for something to do next weekend, come on down, up, over, across, or whatever direction you need to go to end up in Milan, Illinois. Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. with a Safety Meeting at 9:15 a.m. Match fees are $15 per shooter. of

As is our recent custom, we are publishing the stages in advance. Click here or on the Download button below to download the stages. Pay particular attention to Stage 1. We are setting up the Record Stage and will establish our initial set of Illowa Irregular Club records at this match. The fastest shooter in each category on Stage 1 will be the first person to hold a Club Record in that category. Club Record holders will receive a special pin recognizing their achievement as well as be listed as the Club Record Holder on our website.

The Club Record Stage is deceptively simply stage: 5 rifle and pistol targets, and four shotgun targets. Shooters will sweep the five pistol targets twice from the same direction. Rifle will be shot using the same instructions as for the pistol. 4 Shotgun targets knocked down in any order. Shooting order is shooter’s choice. This will be a stand and deliver stage. It will be interesting to see how shooters handle the pressure of knowing they could set a record if all goes well.

It’ll also be good practice for when we shoot this same stage in August at the 2023 Illinois State Championship to establish the Illinois State Record Holders. Here’s your chance to see and feel what it is like to shoot the stage.

May 2023 Stages

This file contains the 6 stages that will be used at Illowa Irregulars’ May 21, 2023 Cowboy Action Shooting match.  Stage 1 will be used to establish Illowa Irregulars’ initial set of Club Records.