Illowa Irregulars @ Spring Roundup, Evansville, Indiana

Please bear with me for one more post today. I had just to share the good news!

The following is a brief report from a cowboy (who shall remain unnamed) describing the successes of several Illowa Irregulars who attended Westside Renegades’ “Spring Roundup” in Evansville, Indiana this weekend.

“I just got back from the Spring Roundup at Evansville, IN.  This was very much an “old school” shoot, with some unusual sequences, a 10-10-8 stage done with a split shotgun, a “running cowboy” that ran straight away from the shooter at a rapid rate, and a 3-4-3 rifle sweep engaged from three different windows, among other things.  The Illowa Irregulars’ table at the banquet piled up a bunch of “loot,” with five 1st Places, two 2nd Places, three of the just 20 clean shooters, two Spirit of the Game awards, and a 3rd Place overall for Foyster O’Rippy (132 shooters).”

  • Clean = Daisy Ann, Foyster O’Rippy, J.W. James (there were 20 out of 132 shooters)
  • Third Overall = Foyster
  • 1st in Category = Daisy Ann, Partner’s Partner, J.W. James, Partner, Count Sandor
  • 2nd in Category = Elida Organizer, Foyster O’Rippy
  • Spirit of the Game awards to Elizabeth Sharp and Allie G. (don’t know her surname)

Please join me in congratulating all involved.

[The photos included below were snagged from Facebook.]