2023 Iowa State Championship Update

Several Illowa Irregulars attended the SASS 2023 Iowa State Championship match held May 26-28, 2023, hosted by Fort Des Moines Rangers.  It was a spectacular weekend with several Irregulars doing quite well. Click here to download the scores.

  • GI Jake, 2nd place and Iowa State Champion; Gunfighter
  • Silver Spurs Charlie, 1st place; Cattle Baron
  • Tulsa Tex, 3rd place; Cattle Baron
  • Deadwood Kitty, 1st place; Cattle Baroness
  • Chancy Shot, 1st place and Iowa State Champion; Frontier Cartridge
  • Special K, 1st place; Grand Dame
  • Dimpled Darlin, 3rd place and Iowa State Champion; Grand Dame
  • Daisy Ann, 2nd place; Lady Forty-niner
  • Rootin Tootin, 2nd place; Silver Senior Duelist
  • Popcorn Kelly, 1st-place and Iowa State Champion; B-Western

Additionally, several Irregulars took  home some prizes/awards.  Here is the list of what I have, but likely missed a few as well. 

  • Daisy Ann; Spirit of the Game
  • Popcorn Kelly; 100 Federal Primers
  • Chancy Shot; 100 Federal primers
  • Mountain Man Champ; Rugged Gear Coupon
  • Chancy Shot took home the biggest prize of all when his number was drawn for a brand-new, Ruger 357. 

Thanks for Fort Des Moines Rangers for putting on another fine Iowa State Championship match.  Our hats are off to you.  Until next year! 

Here are just a few pics from the weekend.