Mississippi River Bridge Closed Early Sunday – Some May Need To Take Alternate Route to Illowa Irregulars’ Monthly Match

The old I-74 bridge is scheduled to be demolished early Sunday morning using controlled explosives. Demolition is expected to start as early as 7:00 a.m. or so. At some point just prior to that, all I-74 traffic between Iowa and Illinois, as well as other local roads adjacent to the river, will be closed to traffic and remain closed until the demolition is complete. There is no information as of yet on when to expect traffic to resume. If the demolition goes off as planned, it will impact some people’s ability to cross from Iowa into Illinois as they’re making their way out to the range.

If you are planning to attend Sunday’s Cowboy match (registration opens at 8:00 a.m.), and normally use I-74 bridge to cross from Iowa into Illinois, you should probably plan to take a different route.

For example, I live in Bettendorf and will probably take I-80 west then I-280 south to Milan (upper left corner of the image below). For me, this will add about 10 minutes or so to my travel time. If you’re coming from the North or the West, this will probably be the best route for you.

If you’re coming from the East via I-88 you may want to get onto I-80 East to I-280 at the southeast corner of the QC area (lower right corner of the image below). Take the Highway 92 exit South off I-280 at Bally’s Casino.

If you’re local and know you’re way around, you could take the Centennial bridge in downtown Davenport to cross into Illinois and then Highway 92 out to the range.

If we hear anything different, we’ll update here.