2023 Registration Pattern 2022 v 2023

I enjoy looking at information in non-traditional ways. One of the things I was curious about is how our State Championship registration history for 2023 compares what we experienced in 2022. To do that I plotted the number of registrations we received according to the number of days prior to each match. For example, in 2022 we received our first registration 292 days prior to State Championship and 328 days in advance of the 2023 Championship. I then plotted the number of registrations we received with each passing day and placed them in the chart below. The blue line in the chart below represents 2022 registrations and the orange line 2023 registrations.

You can see that in 2022 we had received over 50 registrations within about 2 weeks. This was almost certainly because Illinois had not had a State Championship in a few years at that point and people were excited. We also had placed an upper limit on attendance, so people wanted to make sure they were able to get in.

In 2023 we didn’t get that immediate spike, but instead saw them come in at a fairly regular pace, with a couple of spurts along the way, one at about 180 days in advance, and the other over these past two weeks. We weren’t sure what to expect this year. However, we’ve still about 45 days to go and registrations are picking up again. It certainly looks like we will get close to last year’s attendance, if not exceed it.

If you’ve yet to send in your registrations for the 2023 Illinois State Championship, now is a great time to consider doing so. Click here for the registration page. We’re offering both an electronic and paper registration options. Also, take a look at our Who’s Coming list. I’ll be you know a few, if not several people.

Also, if you’re interested in going on the Saturday evening Riverboat Dinner Cruise on the Mississippi aboard the Celebration Belle, be sure to call Susan (Celebration Belle) at (309) 764-1952, ext 204, and tell her you would like to reserve a spot on the August 19, 2023, dinner cruise as part of the Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting Group. Don’t delay – summer evening dinner cruises tend to fill up quickly.
Cowboy attire encouraged.

Other tidbits of information

  • 55% of registrations were sent electronically; 45% were paper
  • About 53% of registration are ordering a t-shirt
  • We have shooters from 13 states so far
  • 49’r, Elder Statesman, and Cattle Baron are the top categories in terms of number of entries so far
  • 39 of our 56 categories have at least one entry
  • 33 of our 56 categories have at least one Illinois resident entry

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of insight into the Championship, and hope to see you there!