Illinois State Championship – 23 Days and Counting; Posse Build Starting Soon

It’s been interesting watching the 2023 Illinois State Championship submissions (orange line) and dhow they compare to 2022’s registration submissions (blue line). With 23 days left to go they are now nearly identical. The similarity is amazing!

On another note, we will begin building our posses soon. Building posses is an interesting process if you’ve never done it: Tracking all posse with requests across 150 or so people and then assigning posses so as many shooters as possible, if not all of them, are grouped with people they’ve listed, while keeping the posses themselves reasonably balanced.

Our posse assignment priority follows these general guidelines:

  • Husbands/Wives/Significant Others/Families are always grouped together;
  • Unrelated friends that sent in their registrations together are grouped together; after which,
  • Posse with requests will be honored in order of registration receipt date.

Right now, we are in great shape and, while there are no guarantees, it looks like we can accommodate everyone’s posse with requests. However, once we start the process, we begin to lose some of the flexibility, e.g., once a posse is full, it’s full.

If you plan to attend the 2023 Illinois State Championship, and posse with requests are important to you, please submit your Registration in the next few days. While there are no guarantees, getting your registrations in prior to our beginning our posse build will greatly increase the likelihood we will be able to accommodate your posse with request.

Officially, July 31 is the last day we will accept registrations. If you get close to the cutoff date, try to use the online registration form. If you have any questions email us.