2023 Illinois State Championship Raffle Update

The 2023 Illinois State Championship is drawing near!   

Illowa Irregulars are pleased to announce our 2023 raffle items.  See the first image below.  A little something for nearly everyone. 

We are also bringing back our No Hassle Raffle to make it as easy as possible for you to enter.  As we did last year, we will have 10 Pre-printed Raffle Tickets available for purchase at the Registration Desk – tickets pre-printed with your Alias and Name already on them.  No more having to write your name on raffle tickets.  Simply purchase and drop in the raffle of your choice.  See the Sample Ticket image at the end of this email. 

Raffle ticket prices are 1 ticket for $5, 5 tickets for $20, and 10 tickets for $40.  If you’re attending the Championship and are interested in more than 10 tickets simply email me know and I will print up a second sheet and have it at the Registration Desk.  We will also have some blanks available for purchase, but obviously you’d have to write your name/alias on them.

Popcorn Kelly

PS. A big thank-you to our door prize and raffle coordinators, Elida Organizer and JW James.