2023 Illinois State Championship Results Are Posted

The 2023 Illinois State Championship is in the books. We were at 149 shooters before attrition took it’s toll in the three days leading up to the match. We started the match with 142 shooters. All scores have been posted to the Scores page of our website.

It was a beautiful weekend, bordering on warm, with Sunday bordering on the hot and sultry. Fortunately, we shot 6 stages on Saturday and, while warm, the day was still reasonably tolerable. This also means we only had 4 stages on Sunday to shoot so we got to the air-conditioned community center for the awards banquet about Noon.

We’ll have an update on the new State and Club Record Holders soon.

Congratulations to

  • Missouri Lefty for winning Top Men’s Shooter,
  • Turkey Legs for winning Top Ladies Shooter and Ladies Illinois Champion, and to,
  • Billy The Avenger for winning the Men’s Illinois Championship.

We also want to give a shout out the following 19 Clean Shooters

  • Missouri Lefty
  • Billy The Avenger
  • Cowboy Carty
  • Boyd Pearsall
  • Blastin’ Brad
  • Turkey Bob
  • Hoot’n Danny
  • Whitey Catlin
  • Jean Duke
  • Comstock Charley
  • Senor Boben Weev
  • Pit Mule
  • Badlands Charlie
  • Daisy Ann
  • Patsy Montana
  • Kid Koo
  • Broomtail Betsy
  • Liberty Walsh
  • Mar Sioux
  • Eleanor Dumont

Interested in seeing our Event Program which includes the 10 Championship Stages? Click here to download.