The final matches of Illowa Irregulars’ season coming up

Illowa Irregulars has just 5 matches of the season left between now and early November.

  • September 24 – Cowboy Match; Wicker Nash, Match Director
  • October 14 – Buffalo Shoot; Dolittle B. Ernest, Match Director
  • October 15 – Cowboy Match, Rootin Tootin, Match Director
    • RT refers to this match as Fall Round-up Lite, a match bordering on what some euphemistically refer to as a “Carnival” in the sense that RT has included several of our non-standard targets
  • November 4 – Wild Bunch Match; Costa Rican Kidd, Match Director
  • November 5 – Cowboy Match, Dolittle B. Ernest, Match Director
    • This is our typical last match of the year in which participants are encouraged (but not required) to try different shooting styles,

Mark them on your calendar. More information to come later.