Come Fly With RT October 15

Illowa Irregulars and Rootin Tootin invite you to “Come Fly With Us” at our October 15th cowboy match – our second to last cowboy match of the season.  RT says to let everyone know the October match “won’t be a run and gun match” but instead will be more like an “old time novelty shoot.” Shooters can expect to see the Medusa, the Texas Star shotgun target, beer can throwers, pistol and rifle knockdowns and more. One stage will be a shotgun-only stage.

We’ve attached the stages below. You may also click here to download them. A friendly hint: If you shoot really light loads, you may want to have a few heavier loads with you.

It’ll be a fun way to begin bringing our season to a close.  Take a look at the short video below and at the stages to get a sense of what RT has in store for us all.  

Other dates of note:

  • Nov 4: Wild Bunch Match
  • October 14: Buffalo Shoot
  • Nov 5: Cowboy Match – our final match of the year.