October 2023 Buffalo Shoot Results Available

Illowa Irregulars held our second and final Buffalo Shoot of the season October 14, 2023. It was wet in the days leading up to the match but, except for a couple of very light-mist moments (very short moments), the match was rain-free and went on without a hitch.

We had 20 shooters test their long-range hunting skills. Congratulations to Paul B. and Natalie S. for taking top Mens and Ladies honors. To see all the scores go to our website’s Scores Page.

We are planning to hold two Buffalo Shoots in 2024 which are tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 18 and Saturday, October 19, 2024. These dates are unlikely to change but be sure to check our official Club Schedule next month.

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Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting