Illowa Irregulars’ 2024 Schedule

Illowa Irregulars finalized its 2024 match and practice schedules and are making them available for download. As always, schedules are subject to change, so it’s a good idea to check our website for the most recent information throughout the year.

In addition to our monthly shoots from April into November, we are also scheduling three Wild Bunch and three long-range Buffalo Shoots in 2024. Click here or on the download button below to download the file for your records.

We are also planning to host both RO1 and an RO2 courses in mid-April, likely April 13 and 14. We’ll have more information on them soon.

2024 Illinois State Championship: The registration forms for the 2024 Illinois State Championship scheduled from August 16-18, 2024, will be released soon. We’ll be sending out and posting more information in the coming days and weeks, but you can expect 3 days of great cowboy action shooting, a Saturday evening riverboat dinner cruise experience, a chance to set or break a State and/or Club record on the State Record Stage, a free Friday night pizza party, and an outstanding Awards Ceremony in the air-conditioned Milan Community Center. Oh, and one more thing, we’ve a special, fun “twist” for the state match you won’t want to miss. More on that later.

Whether you’re from near or far, mark your calendars and plan to head our way next August!