Sponsors & Friends

This page will include links to Businesses and Organizations that support Illowa Irregulars throughout the year, many of which offer services commonly used by Cowboy Action Shooters. Please consider using the listed company’s services and products whenever possible.

Ruby-level Sponsorship

Bally’s Quad Cities Casino and Hotel

Eclectic Cowgirl

Lady Pearl Sews
Custom made ammo bags, dust covers, pistol covers and reticules for cowboy action shooters

Silver-level Sponsorship

2022 Illinois State Stage Sponsors

  • Stage 1:  Cowboy Rick and Dimpled Darlin
  • Stage 2:  Illinois River City Regulators
    Chillicothe, Illinois https://www.chillisportsmen.org/Rcr.html
  • Stage 3:  Broomtail Betsy and Granville Stuart
  • Stage 4:  Mark Millichamp CCI
    Concealed Carry Instructor; 309-235-9619
  • Stage 5:
  • Stage 6: 
  • Stage 7:  Foyster & Elizabeth O”Rippy
  • Stage 8:  Count Sandor
  • Stage 9:  JW James & Elida Orga Nizer
  • Stage 10:  Silver Spurs Charlie & Special K (CKN, LLC)

ESCA Tech, Inc.
Lead and Heavy Metal Contamination Control Products and Solutions Since 1979

Wild West Mercantile
If they used it or wore it in the wild west it is likely you will find it here