This page includes names of Businesses, Organizations, and people that support Illowa Irregulars throughout the year, many of which offer services commonly used by Cowboy Action Shooters. Please consider using the listed company’s services and products whenever possible.

Diamond Sponsors

Lady Pearl Sews
– Custom made ammo bags, dust covers, pistol covers and reticules for cowboy action shooters

Gold-level Sponsors

Mernickle Custom Holsters

Rock Island Auction Company

Ruby-level Sponsors

Cedar Valley Vigilantes – Gunsmoke
Gunsmoke 2023

Eclectic Cowgirl

Holiday Inn Express – Quad Cities

XSteel Targets

Silver-level Sponsors

2023 Illinois State Stage Sponsors

  • Stage 1:  Cowboy Rick & Dimpled Darlin’
  • Stage 2:  Dan Ellard, Ellard Law PLLC
  • Stage 3:  Broomtail Betsy and Granville Stuart
  • Stage 4:  Foyster & Elizabeth O’Rippy
  • Stage 5: Smilin D & Justice James Newton
  • Stage 6:  JW James & Elida Orga Nizer
  • Stage 7:  The Three Amigos
  • Stage 8:  Count Sandor
  • Stage 9:  Kin Pin & Irish Sunshine
  • Stage 10:  Silver Spurs Charlie & Special K (CKN, LLC)

Bronze-level Sponsors

Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting Club